Relatively good isn’t good enough anymore.  

Nuix has acquired Ringtail from FTI Consulting. Implement end-to-end discovery without compromise. 

Nuix understands the DNA of data at enormous scale. Our software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on security, risk, and compliance threats.

Don't settle for patchy processing that leads 
to incomplete review.

We give an amazingly fast, complete way to get the right documents to attorneys.

Don’t wait forever for partial insights.

Don’t give opposing counsel the advantage of surprise evidence.

Be awesome with us.

We engage your teams to be smarter and faster, enabling each to be a value-add in the mission-critical eDiscovery process.

End-to-end coverage.

Nuix and Ringtail combined offer an integrated solution for your entire discovery workflow from the endpoint to the courtroom.

Flexible deployment.

Nuix and Ringtail can run where you need them—behind your firewall, in the cloud, or through one of our hosting partners.  

One platform for many needs.

Nuix and Ringtail can handle your discovery, investigation, information governance, and data privacy needs—as well as freedom-of-information requirements for government customers—all from one vendor.

Reduced risk.

The integration between Ringtail and Nuix saves time and reduces the risk of human errors by making the multi-step process of data processing a point-and-click exercise.


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Introducing Nuix Ringtail

Don’t increase the risk of missing vital information.

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Pairing your team and our technology gives you a competitive advantage.

We give you a completely scalable solution that limits your risk, saves you time, reduces your overall eDiscovery costs, and is fully operational across your entire workflow.

De-risk discovery.  

You get it.  Processing is the foundation for eDiscovery. If you get it wrong, you miss vital information that could make the difference between winning and losing the case.

Now you can buy a next-gen review platform with processing you can trust.

Our solution will de-risk your discovery workflow. We give you more control, speed, saving, and predictability.

Want discovery that delivers exactly what you need when you need it?


Ready to see more?


Want to learn more on how Nuix can help your organization?  When you’re ready to chat, so are we!  We are invested in your  success and want to help at each step of your planning.  

Time to Get Proactive!

Threat hunting is an art.  Rather than passively waiting for the enemy to show themselves, you take the initiative to proactively seek them out. It requires adopting a mindset where you think like the attacker and use that to head off incidents, reduce your risk, and minimize exposure time.


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We help legal teams win.

Nuix and Ringtail have proven scalability—from a single PST to a 100-million-document global class action and everything in between.

Massive scale.

Amazingly fast linear review.

Ringtail's intuitive user interface and intelligent automation capabilities allow reviewers to complete each task with fewer clicks. Multiply that by a team of reviewers and millions of items and watch your savings add up.


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